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Introducing the new Flex Drive Propulsion System!

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The COOSA FD is based on the top selling Coosa HD hull and deck layout but adds a long-awaited Flex Drive system (patent pending) allowing for hands-free propulsion. The new Flex Drive System offers forward and reverse operation and includes a unique articulating system for deep and shallow water navigation. A daggerboard protected tri-blade propeller combined with articulation gives the Flex Drive a performance increase over other drives and helps with keeping the system clear of obstacles and easy to clean. The Coosa FD comes with the fore-aft trimming and our Hi-Lo Elite Seat System giving it flexibility in seating positions that puts the pedaler in the most comfortable position possible. The Flex Drive is easily deployed with the flip of a lever, has adjustable pitch, a 1:12 ratio and will be upgradable to a new motor drive system available in 2018. The Coosa FD has all the the features of the best-selling Coosa HD, from rod tip protection system to gear track surrounding the Ergo Seat and more. The combination of one of the best designed all-around kayaks and the new Flex Drive makes this a leading combination for hands-free kayak angling!

WATCH JACKSONS video, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=284hCPTa07E&feature=youtu.be

  • 1  - Improved Front Hatch

    Large front hatch with new easy-opening latches.
  • 2  - Hypalon Paddle Blade Keeper

    Tuck your paddle blade under this Hypalon keeper to get it out of the way but still in arm's reach - snag-free for your treble hooks! Resistant to UV damage and temperature extremes, this material will keep your paddle safe!
  • 3  - Molded Rod Tubes

    Sealed, molded-in rod tip tubes now offer the ultimate in protection for your rods.
  • 4  - Gear Track  - YakAttack

    Located on both sides and in the front and rear of the kayak, the Yakattack gear tracks are built into the kayak in easily accessible locations for adding accessories and RAM Mounts.
  • 5  - Patent-Pending Flex Drive System

    Allows for hands-free fishing, forward and reverse, unique articulation to adapt to shallow water and obstacles.
  • 6  - Three Propeller Propulsion

    Three-bladed propeller allows for a shallow draft. Blade pitches can be adjusted to your pedaling style.
  • 7  - Hinged Prop Cover

  • Cover seals when drive unit is deployed and automatically raises when drive is retracted
  • 8  - Orion Tumbler and Cup Holder  - Orion Coolers

    27oz double-wall insulated Orion Tumbler comes with track-mounted tumbler holder.
  • 9  - Ergo Seat

    Jackson's new Ergo Seat features all-new 3D breathable mesh fabric and improved lumbar support. This Hi Lo seat is designed to increase comfort while peddling and sits higher than our traditional Hi Lo system.
  • 10  - Integrated Rudder Control System

    Our integrated rudder control system allows precise direction correction while pedaling and can be operated with left, right, or both controls.
  • 11  - RAM Rod Holders - RAM Mounts  - RAM Mounts

    The Coosa FD includes a 1.5 Screwball and 2007 RAM Jr rod holder.
  • 12  - PowerPole Ready - PowerPole Micro Anchor  - Power-pole Micro Anchor

    Four easy molded-in screw points are ready for easy installation of the PowerPole Micro Anchor system.
  • 13  - Hinging Rear Hatch

    Large rear hatch with new easy-opening latches.
  • 14  - Rudder Control System

    Experience smooth sailing with rudder controls on both left and right sides of the seat. Use one or both.
  • 15  - Transducer Scupper

    Two front scupper holes accommodate many transducer sizes, making installing a fish finder unit a breeze.
  • 16  - SealLine Seat Pouch

    New for 2018, this SeaLine roll-top dry bag attaches to the back of your seat. Proven waterproof protection from river running to torrential downpours keeps cameras, phones and other gear safe, dry, and in arm’s reach. Rugged SealLine construction includes fully-welded seams and rugged vinyl-coated materials to endure heavy use both on the water and off.
  • 17  - Plano  - Plano

    Plano tackle boxes rest under seat making reaching your tackle a cinch. Includes one 3600 series Plano tackle box.
  • 18  - Seat Stash Sliding Tray

    Keep soft plastics, terminal tackle, pliers, knives, Plano boxes and other items you need contained in our padded Seat Stash Sliding Tray. Slide out from under seat to access contents of the tray and conveniently back and out of the way. One of the two compartments accommodates two 3600 series Plano boxes with bungee for additional security. Recesses on both sides of the front compartment allow easy under-seat rod butt staging.


  • Length: 12'7 / 3.8m

  • Width:  35" / 88.9cm

  • Height:  16 / 40cm

  • Hi/Lo Seating:  Yes

  • Rudder Ready:  Dual Rudder Installed

  • Rudder Type:  Integrated Hand-Operated Slide Control

  • Seat Type:  Ergo Seat

  • Total Capacity:  450lbs / 204kgs

  • Weight: without drive - 102lbs / 46kgs  with drive and seat - 115lbs / 52kgs


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Jackson Coosa FD

Jackson Coosa FD

Introducing the new Flex Drive Propulsion System!

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