Campsite Booties by Laidlaw Walkwear


Want the ideal hut bootie after a long day paddling!

Look no further. OILSKIN BOOTIES.


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LAIDLAW WALKWEAR ® Camp Boots have been designed to solve a long standing bushwalker’s problem – finding suitable footwear for overnight walks to relieve tired feet around camp that are lightweight, compact, water resistant, durable and protective.

We believe our Camp Boots have solved the problem and will serve not only bushwalkers, hikers or trampers, but a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts including cycling and motor cycling tourers, canoeists, four wheel drive and caravan campers and horse trail riders.

The boots are a ‘shell‘ which can be further insulated to suit your needs by wearing socks and inserting innersoles. This will vary depending on the environmental conditions and your personal needs. Hence the design does not include weighty, bulky and costly insulation. LAIDLAW WALKWEAR ® can also supply high quality, lightweight thermo innersoles.



Our Camp Boots are handmade in Australia, to ensure we produce a quality product. Where possible we have sourced Australian made materials.


In preference to synthetic materials, the uppers are made from Australian breathable waxed cotton oilskin. Oilskin was first used by Scottish seafarers working open boats during the 19th century. It continued to be the fabric of choice by early Australian stockmen and fishermen and is still widely used around the world today. Through the test of time, oilskin has proven tough and reliable.

The soles are made from a 2.5mm thick nylon/rubber composite material, aimed to provide maximum protection for minimum weight.

Product Specifications (approximate)


  • Camp Boots:  300 – 315 grams
  • Carry Bag:       52 – 54 grams

Carry bag dimensions :

  • Small:  17cm wide  x 30cm long
  • Large:  17cm wide  x 35cm long

An uncompressed carry bag containing a pair of Camp Boots is approximately 3.5cm thick. 

Innersoles available

We also stock lightweight, compact ‘thermo’ innersoles designed and made in Europe for insulating footwear in Northern Hemisphere winters. They have an aluminium sheeted bottom to reflect cold, a rubberised centre and woollen top for maximum insulation. Weighing around   20 grams per pair, they are particularly well suited for use in our Camp Boots. Please notify us of your order and we will select and supply a size to fit your Boots


XXS - 36 EU innersole

XS   - 37 EU innersole

S     - 39 EU innersole

M     - 41 EU innersole

L      - 44 EU innersole

XL    - 45 EU innersole

XXL  - 48 EU innersole


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Campsite Booties by Laidlaw Walkwear

Campsite Booties by Laidlaw Walkwear

Want the ideal hut bootie after a long day paddling!

Look no further. OILSKIN BOOTIES.


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