If you need help customising or upgrading your kayak then we are the place to come. We offer a large number of products to customise your kayak including

  • Fishing
    • Rod holders
    • Fish finders
    • Catch bags
    • Bait bags
    • Pods
  • Sails
  • cup holders
  • lights
  • deck rope and bungy
  • feet rests
  • rudders
  • motors

So come on in today and you can turn this

into a fishing kayak

ang ocky


Adelaide Canoe Works has the knowledge and experience to solve your kayak woes. Our staff have a large number of years experience in kayak repairs and can carry out whatever is required.

We carry a large range of replacement parts and fittings that can be fitted yourself or by one of our experienced staff. These range from replacement bolts to full rudder systems. We also have replacement deck rope, bungy and hatches for a number of kayaks and of course have access to special order items for any of our brands.

A few examples of what we can help with.

  • Holes or leaky kayaks
  • leaky bulkheads
  • damaged rudders
  • sticky rudders
  • aged bungy

Adelaide Canoe Works owns a large number of specialist tools such as plastic welders that enable us to provide all these services to the high standard we are renowned for.


Adelaide Canoe Works offers its exclusive revitalisation service which lets you give your ageing kayak a burst of new life. We can reform some of those large scratches, push out that dent and shine up that sad plastic. This is a great service whether it be for yourself or to help you get the most for your kayak on the second hand market.


Feel free to give our store a call to see what our happy and willing staff can do for you.